How to Sell a Mission Statement

Despite the diverse array of opinions on how to do sales, there are a few fundamentals that should not be overlooked. At the core of the sales process lies selling the mission statement of the organization, not merely selling the product. In today’s ever-evolving marketplace, the focus has shifted from what the price of your product/service is to what does your company represents. The key of how to sell a mission statement is what will elevate your ability as a Sales Executive. What does it mean to really sell your organization’s brand and how does looking at each sale through that lens lead to greater revenue generation?

Understanding the Mission

Your organization’s mission statement is the crux of its existence and there are plenty of resources out there to help craft one. This isn’t about making a mission statement. This is how to help you understand a pre-existing mission statement and how you can embody that in your sales approach. In my current role as a Sales Manager for Georgia Aquarium, I have become a brand ambassador in my approach to sales. Especially while building out our international market it was abundantly clear that what resonated with OTAs and distributors abroad was the organization’s mission. 

Here is a great read on selling a brand. Some key takeaways:

  • Know who you are
  • Create a key message
  • Find the right audience
  • Back up claims with facts
  • Use multiple channels
  • Be consistent

This applies directly to the sales pitch. In every meeting, phone call, conference, etc. opening with what my organization believes and how it holds value creates a foundation to build upon. Immediately that creates a connection with the prospect because I’m being authentic and genuine. When I start by simply talking about our products/pricing I lose interest. Instead, I focus on the vision of the organization and segue into how working together helps us accomplish that mission. 

Every organization has a different mission statement or purpose and I’m not advocating selling out on whatever mission statement you’re working with. Rather I would say spend some time thinking about the mission statement. From that think about how it can be used to nurture a common goal mindset between you and your prospects.


Applying it to Yourself

Again, “Sales” is ever-evolving. You need to be flexible and be ready to adapt to trends in the market in order to succeed at generating revenue. While having that hunter mindset though, why can’t you also work on living that company identity? Step outside your comfort zone and embrace the core values that your organization is built upon. By doing this you will better understand the overall vision.

This approach can be applied to just about any facet of your organization. If the company is focused on SaaS, IaaS, PaaS sales what is the goal of that product/service? Let’s look at Dropbox as an example. 

“Our mission is to design a more enlightened way of working”

How can you apply this mission statement to yourself? I would highly encourage this as an exercise with any company you respect or would like to work for.

Actualizing Sales

This is where it all comes together for how to sell a mission statement. Once you can fully comprehend your company mission statement you can challenge yourself to apply some of the organization’s principles. The rest is automatic.

The above TED Talk from Derek Thompson brings the prior point to light. If you are truly living and selling your company mission, that familiarity becomes evident. With that familiarity, you’re able to actualize sales opportunities and generate greater revenue streams.





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